Bottom jobs are an essential element of an effective boat maintenance routine. Should your vessel need a fresh coat of bottom paint, our Shipyard features a 75 metric ton Marine Travel Lift to accommodate boats up to 155k lbs.

Keep reading to learn why you should get your bottom job done at True North Marine!

Why get your antifouling paint renewed at True North Marine?

Bottom paint that’s past its effective service life will slow your boat and cause decreased fuel efficiency. Properly applied antifouling paint suited to our water conditions is essential to your boating success. Sure, just about anyone can slap on another layer of bottom paint. However, there’s actually much more to it and attention to details (or neglecting them) can make all the difference in both your maintenance costs over time, as well as your satisfaction with your boat.

Pictures of work are at your fingertips!

We provide archived, customer-accessible pictures of your haul, block, and launch, as well as pictures documenting the preparation and application of your anti-fouling paint. These not only provide transparency, piece of mind, and a historical record for our customers, but also ensures proper application instructions are followed and can be documented to paint manufacturers and suppliers, should any issues arise.

Turn-key pricing and single point of contact for management of the job.

Rather than dealing with contractors and yard personnel separately, we handle the entire process, start to finish. Also, should weather or scheduling delays occur, no additional daily storage storage fees accrue (some limitations apply).

A fully qualified Service Department on-site.

Many times there are other periodic or annual maintenance items that can be done in parallel with a bottom job to take advantage of the time out of the water. Or needed repairs come to light once the boat is hauled. Bow thruster or stabilizer services, as well as sail drive, outdrive, or IPS maintenance or repairs a just a few. Do you have a folding or feathering propeller? There is likely manufacturer-recommended preventive maintenance required. Its always best to be informed and discuss maintenance recommendations in advance of a haul-out, but we can also perform a brief inspection at the time of haul-out to review and react quickly to any maintenance needs. A thorough inspection of thru-hulls, ball valves, and sea cocks ahead of your haul out can also help you take advantage of time in the yard to perform replacements.

Interested in PropSpeed on your Running Gear?

Propspeed is the original propeller and running gear foul-release coating system, specially formulated to prevent marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces below the waterline. We are a PropSpeed Application Center and fully focused on insuring both environmental conditions and application schedules are followed to insure this investment pays off and lasts as expected.

Re-block of your boat is included
in all Bottom Job pricing

This may not sound very important. However, maybe you’ve witnessed your boat lifted prior to launching, and in between that and the water contractors are slapping on a last coat of paint on the areas covered by stands or blocks supporting the vessel. Minutes later the boat is in the water. Maybe the paint will “cure under water”, but most likely not. All paint manufacturers specify a minimum dry time before contact with water. We use our Travel Lift to re-block vessels (meaning lifting the boat and re-positioning stands and blocking to access unpainted areas) at least one day prior to launch to ensure paint manufacturer minimum drying time are met. This means you will get the longest life and best performance out of your Bottom Job.

Underwater Lights

We can apply specialty anti-fouling paint to your underwater lights to prevent marine growth on these fixtures. If left unprotected, in a matter of months the brightness of these lights can be reduced to a faint glow (not just due to “clear” Clear Lake water…). Also, if you’re interested in installing underwater lights, now is the time to take advantage of the haul out and let our Service Department tackle the installation.

Need help transporting your boat?

We can provide any support necessary for transporting your boat to and from our facility. Maybe you’re by yourself and need a deck hand. Or maybe you have other priorities and need a captain to deliver it for you. Whatever the case, we can assist!

Need minor scuff, scratches, dings and dents addressed while the boat is out?

We can coordinate getting small cosmetic repairs handled in parallel with bottom job work. Hull compound & waxing is also available. This is the best time to do this type of work – while the boat is out of the water and hull sides are easily accessible from scaffolding. Much better than hanging off the side of a dock when the boat is back at the marina!

Complimentary Uber service available.

For any customers, contractors, or captains delivering or picking up vessels at True North Marine, we offer a complimentary Uber pick up or delivery to/from your marina (limited to Clear Lake area locations). Just contact our Shipyard office and they will take care of the rest!

Draft and depth transducer offset measurements.

While your boat is hauled, we can take accurate hull measurements to remove any questions concerning how much water your boat draws. We can also determine accurate offsets based on where your depth transducer is installed and program those into your electronics equipment to keep you out of trouble! Whether you prefer to see water depth or depth under your keel on your displays, we can configure to your liking. Be sure and request this when scheduling your haul-out.

Complimentary anode inspection & evaluation.

For a limited time, True North Marine is including with all bottom job customers, an initial inspection and galvanic voltage reading of your vessel’s drive train/running gear/bonding system in its home slip prior to transport to our facility. This provides a “before” picture of the level of protection of your underwater metals. During the haul-out, anodes will be replaced. Once the boat has returned to it home slip, we will once again visit the vessel and record the same “after” galvanic voltage readings. This will provide clear documentation as to whether your underwater metals are properly protected with a new anode set, and help prevent expensive corrosion damage to props, rudders, struts, and especially aluminum sail drives and outdrives.

Ask about our discounted post-service boat wash!

Whether you pick up your boat at our facility, or we delivery back to your home slip, the boat will be handed over to you as clean (in not cleaner) than we found it. We include a thorough basic wash to remove any dust and yard grime that may accumulate topsides or around the hull to insure it looks good after work is complete.

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