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59th Annual Christmas Boat Lane Parade & Christmas Constellation

December 12th, 2020

Wake Up & Smell The Roses, Not Your Head!

With the right equipment and installation, plumbing and sanitation systems can be odor free, reliable and un-mysterious…

58th Annual Christmas Boat Lane Parade Down Christmas Constellation

We’re excited to announce the 58th Annual Christmas Boat Lane Parade has been re-routed down the 1st Annual Christmas Constellation. Christmas Constellation is on the Canal down Davis Road and Constellation Pointe. Homes along the canal are invited to decorate and host viewing parties for the Parade. We encourage homes to be decorated December 1st […]

Don’t Let Water Leaks Go Undetected!


Windows, windshields, hatches, and port light – What do all of these items have in common? They can leak! Given that we’re off to one of the wettest years in recent history, you may have noticed evidence on board your vessel of water leaks. Do not let them go uncorrected! Rain water leaks (that can […]

Beat the Heat with Proper Air Conditioning Maintenance!


Summer in the Houston area mean afternoon temps pushing 100 degrees with little cooling off at night.. Don’t let these temps keep you from enjoying getaway time aboard your boat! A simple, avoidable air conditioning malfunction can make your vessel literally uninhabitable this time of year, and can easily ruin a weekend of much needed […]

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