Our Service Department is poised and ready to assist our customers in buying or selling a vessel through several specialized services.

Pre-Listing Package

      -Cosmetic & Curb Appeal Inspections

      -Maintenance Inspections

Mechanical Inspections

First Mate Vessel Checkout Service

Yacht Detailing & Staging Services

Survey Deficiencies

Explore below for more information about these unique programs that may help guide you through the buying or selling process.




This inspection is focused on identifying those items that make your boat look and feel old and tired.

For those new to boating, we can help steepen the learning curve and avoid expensive and all-too-common buying mistakes. Sometimes these are items you may have grown accustomed to or see past on a daily basis, but may jump out at prospective buyers and negatively impact their initial impression of your vessel. Weathered nav lights, yellowed cup holders or courtesy lights, or “classic” gold cabinet hardware are just a couple examples. These items by themselves aren’t typically critical to the boat’s function or operation, but can have an extreme cumulative effect on potential buyers stepping aboard. Through years of experience, our parts department has the knowledge and know-how to track down these parts that can be difficult and time consuming for other companies to tackle. While some items may not be feasible or financially possible to replace, often times the complete look and feel of a boat can be dramatically improved with a very reasonable investment.

The goal is to help your boat look and feel better (and newer) than other comparable vessels on the market.


The purpose of this inspection is to test functionality and operation, and visually inspect components, equipment, and spaces of on board systems in order to identify any maintenance or repair needs that would eventually be flagged during a survey later in the purchase process.

By identifying issues prior to bringing the boat to market, informed decisions can be made. These repairs can either be corrected prior to listing, or disclosed as part of that listing. This helps minimize late hour negotiations or price reductions to complete a sale (or kill it…). This is not intended to take the place of a full survey and will likely not identify all issues aboard your boat. However, rest assured any issues identified during a Systems Inspection would be identified later by a good surveyor.

Once again, with the full support of a qualified Service Department, we can get things done and are not subject to subbing out to local contractor talent…

For more information on our Pre-Listing Package Services, click here:

Mechanical Inspection:

This important inspection is intended to give a clear evaluation of the overall condition of (typically) the most expensive pieces of equipment on board your boat – engines and generators!

We measure and test critical criteria on both gas and diesel units. We perform ECU scans where possible and draw oil samples from engines and drives for analysis. Expert analysis of these results are provided, along with a comprehensive list of observations, severity rankings, and recommendations. Once again, the intent is to arm our customers with this information before being knee-deep in contract negotiations. While we regularly perform this service for customers purchasing a vessel, it is also incredibly valuable information to know prior to listing your boat.

Disclosing a known issue in advance not only prevents wasted time, but more importantly eliminates negotiating points after a purchase agreement is executed.

First Mate Bi-Weekly Vessel Checkout Service

This is a service we offer to many of our customers under our Captain-Lite Yacht Management Program to help their vessels stay in good working order and ready for them to enjoy.

It involves bi-weekly visits to the boat to exercise and inspect critical systems. We define these as systems where faults or malfunctions would either prevent an owner from staying aboard, prevent the vessel from safely leaving the slip and being used, or impact the safety of personnel aboard, or affect the security of the vessel itself. The goal is to identify small problems before they become larger and more expensive issues, as well as provide an opportunity to address these items before they become weekend killers. We feel this service is foundational to a successful boating experience. However, this is also a great way to maintain a boat in showable condition once listed for sale. Nothing can kill enthusiasm more quickly than stepping aboard, only to be greeted by an air conditioner in a fault condition, AC/DC systems on the blink, or a foul head smell. By exercising and inspecting critical systems every two weeks, your vessel is not only kept in good working order, but any issues can be caught and identified before boarding with a broker during a showing.

Swabbies Yacht Detailing & Staging Services

This is another Yacht Support Service offered under our Captain-Lite Program.

If you are selling your boat and want it to look its best, regularly scheduled washings and waxings are a must. Attention to detail in this area can’t be understated. If the boat went too long between waxes, a restorative compound and wax may be in order.

Additionally, we offer interior cleaning services as well. Don’t underestimate the impact on prospective buyers a clean and crisp interior can create. We also have the expertise to tackle interior odors, whether their source be mildew, heads or sanitation systems, diesel fumes, or just general mustiness. After addressing the source of odors, we utilize industrial ozone generators to extract smells from cushions and upholstery to regain an inviting interior.

We also offer staging services to help create an inviting environment aboard your vessel.

Visit our Yacht Detailing page to see a full list of Detailing Services.

Addressing Survey Deficiencies

So you found a boat you like, have a contract on it, and it just went to survey.

You received the surveyor’s report of deficiencies and recommendations. Now what? How do you decipher what’s important; what’s not, and what will it cost to address issues identified? Again, our service department is here to help.

Understanding this step of the purchase process can be critical for both the buyer and seller.

These programs have been developed to address areas of specific concern our customers regularly encounter. Also included, when necessary, is expert interpretation and advice when technical information is provided. As many of these services are requested under time-sensitive circumstances, we do our utmost to commit to reasonable completion timelines. While these services are available to all our customers regardless of which brokerage they use, given time and labor constraints, we do prioritize work for TNM’s brokerage clients.

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