While our mission is to keep you in boating, we also recognize that life can change.

Families grow, priorities shift, jobs and free time can be re-focused in other directions. Or maybe you’ve outgrown your current vessel and are looking to upgrade. If the time comes to sell your vessel, whether you are looking to move up or move on, we are here to facilitate that process. Built on the foundation of a competent and experienced Service Department, we can offer support in bringing your vessel to market like no other company in our area. We offer several specialized services through our Service Department that work in concert to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your vessel.  These help you determine if, where, and how to invest in any needed work to give your vessel a competitive edge, minimize time on the market, speed the contract and negotiating process, and ultimately close at the highest selling price possible.

We provide the following in-house services to prep your boat and keep it in showable condition:

Cosmetic & Curb Appeal Inspection

This inspection is focused on identifying those items that make your boat look and feel old and tired. Addressing these issues can truly impact the first impression prospective buyers have of your vessel.

Maintenance Inspection

The purpose of this inspection is to test functionality and operation of on board systems and equipment. We also visually inspect components, equipment, and spaces in order to identify obvious maintenance or repair needs that would eventually be flagged during a full survey later in the purchase process.

Mechanical Inspection

This important inspection is intended to give a clear evaluation of the overall condition of (typically) the most expensive pieces of equipment on board your boat – engines and generators! While this is generally done for buyers interested in a vessel, it can also greatly benefit sellers by uncovering any problems prior to listing. This provides the opportunity to address them in order to avoid late-stage emergency repairs or negotiations.

First Mate Bi-Weekly Vessel Checkout Service

This program is designed to exercise and inspect truly critical systems and equipment. We define “critical” as items that, if inoperable, could prevent the boat from leaving the slip, keep owners from staying aboard, impact the safety of personnel on board, or affect the security of the vessel itself. It also does an excellent job of keeping your yacht ready to show at a moments notice! Equipment malfunctions can crater a showing – just like cosmetics, you never get a second chance to make a first impression! As standard policy, we require all vessels listed with True North Marine to subscribe to this service.

Swabbies Yacht Detailing & Staging Services

If you are selling your boat and want it to look its best, regularly scheduled washings and waxings are a must. We also offer cleaning and staging services to help create an inviting environment aboard your vessel.

Addressing Survey Deficiencies

You received the surveyor’s report of deficiencies and recommendations. Now what?

Understanding this step of the purchase process can be critical for both the buyer and seller.

List your boat with True North Marine

We recognize that many of our customers have previous long-standing relationships with other reputable brokers and dealerships in our area that they may choose to list with.

Our Specialized Brokerage Services are available to all our customers, whether you choose to list with us or not!

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