At True North Marine, your incentives and ours are perfectly aligned –

We want you to select and purchase a vessel that will ultimately result in a long, successful boating experience. While this may sound over-simplified, we have seen the damaging effects (after many years in business) of people purchasing a yacht that doesn’t exactly suit their needs, doesn’t quite mesh with family or time constraints, or simply isn’t a quality vessel well suited for our waters. Some (or all) of these mistakes ultimately lead to frustration, unexpected expenses, and an overall dissatisfaction with the investment made in boating.

Our objective is to help you navigate the many pitfalls inherent in the vessel purchase process, understand the True Cost of Ownership, and ultimately plant the seeds of a Salt Water Passion that will fuel a boating lifestyle for many years to come! 

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Whether you’re new to boating or a seasoned mariner, we can support you in finding the right vessel.

For those new to boating, we can help steepen the learning curve and avoid expensive and all-too-common buying mistakes. For the experienced buyer who has narrowed in on a size and type of vessel, we can help confirm the quality of potential yacht options are in line with your expectations and again help avoid expensive, unplanned repairs.

What separates us from other brokerages?

We are not focused on a one-time sale or commission – rather, we are looking to gain your trust as a long-term customer that will benefit from our full range of dockside Yacht Support Services after the sale. Getting you into the right boat is the first and most important step in this process.

Not buying through True North? No Problem! We recognize that many of our customers have previous positive relationships with other reputable brokers and dealers in our area. In line with our mission as a company, we will support others in our industry that share our vision of insuring you end up in a quality vessel that suits your needs.

The most common way we work with other brokers is by providing

Mechanical Inspections for Gas & Diesel Engines & Gensets, and

Survey Deficiency Repair Cost Estimates.

Vessels listed through True North Marine are Inspected and Maintained through our Service Department.

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